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These Are The Driving Rules That Everyone Ignores

I love to drive. My car is my happy place. I love taking it places. Often, though, I find myself screaming from behind the wheel at some idiot crap that another driver has pulled. Because driving with other people ruins driving. Because other people are hell.


Last week, I asked you guys for the driving rules you wished people followed more. And honestly, I’m as befuddled as you are as to why more people aren’t following them. I remember most of them being taught in Driver’s Ed. The rest of it is just common sense. Mostly, don’t be a dick.


I felt a lot of rage in the comments this time around. But it was a good kind of rage! The kind of rage that hopefully will spark change.

Many good points were collectively picked out, like using turn signals, staying out of the left lane except to pass and being mindful about the high beams. I rounded up some of the more subtle ones.

Horn (MallardDuck)

I will defend the horn as long as you aren’t laying on it for five minutes because you’re tired of sitting in gridlock.


For The Walkers (MDGLee)

As a driver in NYC, THIS.


Dogs (Dbeds15)

This is unthinkable to me.


Waving (Billy Milby)

My dad taught me this one. Just because they are waving you on doesn’t mean they have checked if the coast is clear for you.


Stop Being Polite (osmar)

It makes you unpredictable.


Be A Phantom (msnovtue)

Nothing you do should mess up what other people have going on.


Timing Is Key (m)

Yes, use the turn signal. But use it right.


The Box (weissmeister)

Don’t fucking block it.


Respect (AOClaus)

Comes down to speed and distance.


Cause And Effect (Mixeddrinks and Brian, The Life of)

Both cases make sense.


School Bus (Obi Wonka-Nobi)

The signs mean things.


Maintenance (12sierra00tj)

A broken car is a dangerous car.


Look (The Oblivious Observer)

Mirrors and backup cams only do so much.


China (FlobbaJob)

Sounds rough, dude.


Don’t Play Cop (cdeck)

Also, if you’re following a GPS, pay attention to your surroundings.


Inconsistent Speed (Djevel)



Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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The polite thing drives me bonkers. Not only does it cause slow downs but it causes accidents. If you have the right away, you go. If you have a sign (or lack of sign) telling you to do something, do it. There’s an entrance at a shopping center near me where it’s a 3 way intersection. Cars coming off a major strip make a right and then can go left or right at the fork. There’s no stop sign. But people stop constantly causing fender benders or just a long line of traffic. The flow from left and right have stop signs.