Image credit: ifor.griffiths/Flickr

In the Very Serious business of cars, there is no shortage of people and cultures that take themselves very seriously. Without jokes or smiles. Who are they?

Last week, I asked you guys to identify different car cultures and cliques that are very serious about themselves and their interests. The people who are not joking around, man.

The Steam-Powered Engines Or Bust Crowd? The Five-Spoke Wheel Society? The Middle-Mounted Gas Cap Only Association? The Wooden Steering Wheel Brigade?

Let’s see who you thought up.

The Porsche People (A-McGee9-3)

Dropping $400,000 on a single model.

And Also The Subaru People (dannyzabolotny)


The Concours People (CommodoreFlushington)

They just hate submarines for some reason.

The Rotary People (Jerry Harding)

Magic triangles.

The Gumball People (ZooMotorPool)

Loving all the stickers on the cars, though.

The Harley Davidson People (dreygata)

Go into the dealer naked, come out fully outfitted.

The Lotus People (AXJ)

Add lightness, I said! ADD LIGHTNESS!!

The Saab People (darkcloak)

You got it, buddy.

The MG People (Jeffro Tull)

Good, old British snobbery.

The Matching Numbers People (crowmolly)

Please, tell me more about your ‘67 numbers matching Camaro.

The TDI People (bhtooefr)

Something something Dieselgate.

The... Trophy...? People (Noosh)

Let’s think of a name. Anyone?

The ‘Best In Show’ People (AkursedX)

They know everything, man.

The Corvette People (Kurt Bradley)

Lots of Corvette love.