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Racing is cool in and of itself, but one of the things that makes it special is the memories you make and the communities you find. Since summer is kicking off means there’s pretty much racing going on all the time, I asked you guys what some of your coolest, most meaningful racing memories are.

Some of these stories are incredible. There’s nothing cooler than those moments when you know racing has just changed your life forever, and I have to thank y’all for sharing them with me.


So, here are some of the most awesome of the responses. Don’t hesitate to share more in the comments below—it can’t hurt to hear a few more!

British Brawler (englishdas)

I can’t say I’m surprised by this one… but I can say this is cool as hell.

New Co-Driver (Sean D)

This must have been the most unforgettable moment.


Rally For The Lane (Green Pig)

This is genuinely awesome


Slice Of The Golden Era (codfangler)

Old races like these are what got me really into racing—I am in awe.


Unforgettable Program (mallthus)

This must have looked so awesome to a 10 year olds’ eyes


Last Day, Best Day (UnCarey)

That’s not a job I’d want to work at, anyway.


A Family Bond (offyatindy)

Honestly, some of the best memories can just include racing as a backdrop


Unforgettable Firsts (alsoSprachALSO)

Low-key jealous of your life


First Day Of Racing School (scotz)

There’s gotta be nothing better than winning a chance to learn to race


He’s A Runaway (IMHO)

It was absolutely worth the struggle


The Drive Of A Lifetime (Bad Billy Pratt)

That’s a solid edge-of-your-seat race right there


The Magic Pilgrimage (RCook)

I’ve always wondered how awesome it would be to come from a family that traveled for races


Parade Lapper (TriggerTX)

I bet I have pictures of you driving them around somewhere, too!


True Passion (mrbwa1)

I wish local race fans still did stuff like this!


Sense Memories (Drakkon Can push a rope)

The most incredible memories are the ones you can still feel years down the road


Joe Blow (OldManMcKenna)

This is actually hilarious


Road Trip (Papa Van Twee)

Nothing is better than Indianapolis memories


Parking Lot Party (Mirror Universe Stig)

One of the best ways to keep the party going is with strangers stuck in the same traffic as you are


A Trip Through History (Ken Takakura)

This is the kind of special moment that makes racing so wonderful


Riding Solo (My Kids Have Four...Wheels)

I love these whirlwind stories of excited first-time fans


Love For Le Mans (bv50)

This is the kind of story you could make a movie out of

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