These Are The Best Entry Level Rally Cars

Rally racing is its own discipline, different from most other motorsports in that it isn’t all about power and, as a new driver, you’re certainly not going to feel as in control as you expected. That makes it tricky to choose a car if you’re not familiar with the style of racing.


Team O’Neil Rally School has some experience in this kind of thing, and the folks there put out a video earlier this week with their top car recommendations for people wanting to go rallying with: Team O’Neil picked the older Ford Fiesta and mid-2000s Subaru Impreza to start with.

Their explanation for picking the two is pretty simple: They’re light, fast, and easier to work on. Because rallying has a lot more thrashing side to side than most racing, as Team O’Neil can tell you, a lot of stuff will come back broken. That should be ample reason not to go out and get the fanciest thing you can find, which will leave a big hole in your heart when you beat it up too badly.

It’s also about expenses: Replacing parts regularly on a car that’s expensive to repair can dig a financial hole quickly, and rallying is more about having fun than getting kicked out of your place because you spent rent money on a car. As Team O’Neil says, it’s better to spend money on entry fees than putting a bunch extra toward a rebuild. Plus, these cars can always be modified over time if they just aren’t enough.

Here, we’ll let Team O’Neil explain the rest:

Go forth and sling dirt, friends.

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