These Are The 10 Most Incredible Passes Of The 2012 F1 Season

What I tell my philistine, Formula One-hating friends is that passing in this sport is like scoring in soccer: it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's a huge deal and it's usually awesome. This doesn't make them want to watch it more, but that's their loss. Haters.

This week, the good folks over at the UK-based F1 Fanatic blog nominated what they say are the best 10 passes of the 2012 season. I've gone ahead and pasted them here so you can decide for yourselves. Eight are on YouTube, and two others are clickable below.


Feel free to mosey on over to F1 Fanatic and vote for your favorite pass. Then tell us: which one would you vote for? And did they overlook any great passes that should have been on the list?

Photo credit Getty Images

Videos credit F1 Fanatic

The videos are in this order:

Vettel on Rosberg, Australian Grand Prix

Kobayashi on Button, Spanish Grand Prix

Grosjean on Hamilton, European Grand Prix

Vettel on Webber, Belgian Grand Prix

Raikkonen on Schumacher, Belgian Grand Prix

Massa on Senna, Singapore Grand Prix

Alonso on Webber, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Raikkonen on Schumacher, Brazilian Grand Prix

Click here to see Hamilton on Ricciardo and Vergne, Spanish Grand Prix

Click here to see Hulkenberg on Hamilton and Grosjean, Korean Grand Prix

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