Some cars are rare. But then there are the white whales. Cars you've heard of or dreamt of, but have never actually seen. These are the 10 cars that you never knew were a real thing.

10.) Toyota Mega Cruiser

You thought that AM General was the only company to build a Hummer-style military vehicle? Well, you're so wrong it isn't even funny. The Toyota Mega Cruiser is just such a car, created by the crazies out at Toyota. It had a 4.1 liter four cylinder engine and was used to transport infantry troops. Very cool. Look to Hammerheadfistpunch for more info.


Suggested By: Hammerheadfistpunch, Photo Credit: Toyota

9.) Jeep FC-150 Minivan


I don't really think there's more to add here than this is a forward control minivan, which is far better than any other minivan ever on the market. It was called the FC-150 and just three were built. It's bonkers and I want one now.

For more info, check out Hemmings and Curbside Classic

Suggested By: Jonee , Photo Credit: Jeep

8.) Lancia Dedra Integrale


We all know about the Lancia Delta Integrale, but what about a Dedra Integrale. The Dedra shared a floorplan with the Delta, so an Integrale version wasn't as crazy as you might think. Same engine, same all-wheel drive, same fun. And all of this is wrapped up in an even more sleeper shell.

Very cool.

Suggested By: Hoccy, Photo Credit: Lancia

7.) Dacon 828


Dacon used to be Brazil's Porsche importer, but when imports were put on hold, they decided to build cars. The 828 was the result. The 828 used a number of Porsche parts, and they made it to resemble a Porsche 928. Kind of. Like a 928 if it was smushed. It has VW power and a top speed of 88 MPH. Just 47 were sold between 1983 and 1994.

If you wanted more pep, Dacon also offered an alcohol fueled version that had an astonishing 68 horsepower, three more than stock. Stop the craziness.


Suggested By: Hermann, Photo Credit: YouTube

6.) Honda Crossroad


This is a Land Rover Discovery with a Honda badge. When the hell did this happen? Nuts.

Suggested By: JimHackerPM, Photo Credit: Smart

5.) Keller Super Chief


Never heard of it. I'll let austin webb fill us in:

Keller Super Chief. I'm from Huntsville Al and I never knew that it actually had a company that designed and built a car in a factory on Redstone Arsenal. Supposedly you could get a front engine wagon or a rear engine sports convertible. It was a pretty interesting car too!!!


Suggested By: austin webb, Photo Credit: Keller

4.) Geo Prizm GSi


Oh, you've heard of the Geo Prizm before. But perhaps not this one. The GSi was basically a Toyota Corolla with a 4AGE under the hood. Toyota didn't even import a Corolla with a 4AGE in it. So a 130 horsepower twin cam small sedan, very very cool.

This is one hell of a little sleeper hot rod.

Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit: Geo

3.) Citroen M35


So it's a Citroen Ami. So what? So, this is a coupe version with a Wankel under the hood.

This is probably a nominee for the least reliable car of all time.

Suggested By: TheDoubleClutchBandit, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2.) Volvo 480


Call it one of those cases where it's new to me, but Volvo's funky little hatchback is something that never really crossed my radar.

Remember the beautiful simplicity of the P1800? Yeah, this is the opposite of that. Doesn't make it any less cool.


Suggested By: Harry Photo Credit: Volvo

1.) Buick LeSabre Grand National


Did you know NASCAR had homologation rules as recently as the 1980s? Neither did I.

Just 117 LeSabre Grand Nationals were built in order to homologate the streamlined rear quarter window for NASCAR competition. It was not turbocharged and just one run of cars were built to be sold in areas near the Daytona 500.


It was supposed to be built in black and white, but just black was built, along with one red one. All the info you could want on the LeSabre GN is available here.

Suggested By: nikiaf Photo Credit: Buick

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Top Photo Credit: Toyota