This is the Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle, it's meant to provide two law enforcement officers "a full range of visibility" while keeping the peace in tight places. It looks more like the first thing to get picked up and thrown in a riot.

CarNewsChina tells us the bulletproof bubble mounted on a gutted golf cart is rated to "Level A" protection on the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's armor scale; meaning it can "stop pistol bullets but not machine gun fire."

I think we can confidently say you'd at least take a few rotten tomatoes to the glass any time you left the motorpool in this.


The vehicle weighs about 2,600 pounds, and is powered bya 15 kilowatt/hour battery that can move the car up to about 50 MPH for almost 75 miles.

For going on the offensive, the Zijing can be fitted with smoke grenade launchers and has a little holes to poke small arms out of. CNC also explains that the company is "jointly owned by the automotive department of the famous Tsinghua University and by the Suzhou Automotive Research Institute."

For stopping crime on an even smaller scale, the Henan Xinma Neighborhood Patrol Car is another electric peacekeeping-mobile for holding down unrest in parks, old-folks homes, and resorts.


Henan started making electric tricycles in 2002, stepped up to electric boats eight years later, and is now looking to provide adorable mobility options for security forces. The four-seater has about twenty horsepower, and is already being sold for about $3,000.

Interior is... simple. Details on secret armaments are scare; I think what you see is what you get on this little guy.


Kind of looks like a Citroën-derivative Paul Blart might use to run down shoplifters in the Westfield Culver City mall.

Both vehicles made their debut at the Security China exhibition in Beijing last month.


Hat tip to Car News China! Images from them used with permission.