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There's So Much Fascinating Stuff In This Old Zündapp Janus Ad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Zündapp Janus is a fascinating car. It's essentially a pair of Isettas joined back-to-back. This general concept had been explored before, but I think only Zündapp was ballsy/crazy enough to actually build one. And this old commercial for the Janus is full of equally crazy stuff.


The Janus has has a bit more public exposure thanks to Pixar casting one as a villain in the second Cars movie, but it's clear from this old ad that Zündapp never needed any help making the Janus memorable.


Just look at what's in this ad — a series of delightful crammings-in including a portly guy with a tuba, a woman unreeling a huge reel of telegraph wire (was this a thing in mid-century Germany?), and a guy crammed in with what could be a whatever I imagine a glockenspiel looks like, or maybe a small-scale, child's confessional booth?

Later, there's also some of the most gleefully unsafe behavior I've ever seen in any car ad that didn't involve actual acrobats or something. In an era of airbags and legally-enforced seat beltings, it almost intoxicating to see people freaking opening rear-facing doors of cars in motion and acting like idiots. I'm sort of envious, I think?

Anyway, just enjoy this. And consider a Janus with a 'Busa swap for your next car purchase!