There's Only 12,000 Remaining Ford Focus Sedans Left for Sale in the U.S.: Report

Ford’s plan to kill off its sedans in North America has been known for some time, and it’s a moment that’s creeping up relatively fast. One exec reportedly said Monday that only 12,000 Focus sedans are left in Ford’s U.S. inventory.


News of the dwindling supply came by way of Automotive News Ford beat reporter Michael Martinez, who attributed the figure to Mark LaNeve, Ford’s vice president of U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service.

The reported remarks from LaNeve underscore just shows how quickly the Sedanocalypse fell upon us. Just this week, for example, Ford announced a plan to retool its U.S. plants, so they can churn out more SUVs.

While Ford said the plant reconfiguration won’t result in layoffs, its wider restructuring ahead of a planned electric vehicle rollout could end with the Blue Oval cutting 25,000 workers, according to an analysis from Morgan Stanley.


Per Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley predicted:

Ford has yet to detail its job cuts, but Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas predicts they could be larger than GM’s in a note to investors.

“We estimate a large portion of Ford’s restructuring actions will be focused on Ford Europe, a business we currently value at negative $7 billion,” Jonas wrote. “But we also expect a significant restructuring effort in North America, involving significant numbers of both salaried and hourly UAW and CAW workers.”


Ford didn’t immediately respond to a request by Jalopnik for comment on LaNeve’s remarks. We’ll update the post if we hear back.

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