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There's No Substitute For A Classic Vespa

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you believe a scooter should be made of lightweight aluminum instead of plastics and have Italian origins instead of Japanese, old Lambrettas and Vespas await you out there!


Dutch Vespa guru Peter Maas got hooked on these urban champions once he found his grandfather's old bike parts and photos of his TT racing days at Assen. He's the subject of the latest video from Petrolicious.

While they might look pretty basic on the outside, these early scooters pack a bunch of brilliant engineering solutions that made them as popular as spaghetti. Peter crashed his first Vespa soon after he bought it, only to sell it straight away to get a better one.


Since then, his whole life revolves around these classic Italian scooters (and Volkswagens if I'm not mistaken), with his favorite being a Belgian-built Vespa Grand Sport 160.

Vespas truly are the cinquecenti of the two-wheeler world.