There's More To Subaru Than The Impreza

Let me give a formal shout out to David and his Legacy Turbo. David, you remind us that there is more to Subaru than just the Impreza.


Yes, you can get a turbo-whooshing, boxer-burbling, tire-shredding Subaru that doesn't make you look like you're about to bro down and get into a fist fight. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Legacy, the Impreza's older, more respectable brother. I'll let David himself explain why you should give these youngtimer sedans more thought.

Hello, I have been a fan of Jalopnik for a few years but something has always bothered me. You guys have overlooked one of the most versatile and underrated Subarus of all time, the first generation Legacy Sport Sedan and Touring wagon.

They came with a somewhat anemic closed deck 2.2 turbo motor but can use almost every aftermarket part available for the WRX/STI. With the correct heads and turbo this motor is known for making reliable big power. Subaru over engineered this motor and with a closed deck it will take lots of abuse. Before the Impreza was introduced to rally it was the first gen Legacy that won several rallies with the help of Colin Mcrae. Among the Subaru enthusiast crowd the First gen Legacy turbo is the a rare unicorn. There were not very many made and after 20 years they are few and far between. I feel they are a future classic and will only gain value over time. A fairly large and tight knit community of enthusiasts exists over and for the Austrailian guys.

I drive a 1993 Legacy that started life as a base model automatic but has been transformed to a manual with a STI 6-speed, Brembo Brakes, fully built 2.2 motor with a jdm STI turbo, Wrx seats, coilovers, and a long list of other goodies. Subarus are like Legos and my Legacy is a good example of what is possible.

David, you've got a sweet Scoobie. Any other Jalops out there with first-gen Legacies? Show your pride in Kinja below.


Andrew T. Maness

Glad to see this post. My first car was a 91 Legacy Turbo Sedan which is currently hibernating along with my sister's identical (except for the AT) ride. One day soon they'll be ressurected & that will be a glorious day indeed.