There's Money In The Streets

Gif: Jazmyne Danae (Facebook)

The back door of a Brinks armored truck opened up while driving down I-70 near Indianapolis earlier today, reportedly flooding the streets with as much as $600,000 in loose cash.


Indiana State Police reported that people were hopping the roadway fences to grab as much cash as possible, which is technically theft, but also probably a natural human reflex if we’re being honest. These folks have been encouraged to return any found money to the police station, you know, if you were just trying to help clean up the road.

The driver of the truck evidently had no idea what chaos he was causing in his wake, and stopped after a fellow motorist waved him down, according to Fox 59.

Some motorists managed to capture video of the money flying around the roadway before police started the cleanup. This video is appropriately captioned, “Look at this Y’all MONEY ON THE HIGHWAY.”


I can’t imagine the energy in the air and the pressure of temptation as thousands of dollars just kind of floated around you.

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I bet that armored truck driver is on the brink of getting fired.