It’s taken a good 24 years, but Hollywood has finally accepted the magic, mystery, and glory that was the Geo Storm, and has seen fit to make a blockbuster film all about the little cheap yet sporty crap-rocket. Based on this teaser trailer for Geostorm, it looks like they really do understand the raw power of the Geo Storm.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this teaser trailer, but I think whatever is going on is the direct result of the havoc the Isuzu 1.6-liter, 130 horsepower engine of the Geo Storm could have inflicted on the world had it fallen into the wrong hands.

Weirdly, while I see some Indian autorickshaws flying around, I didn’t see any Geo Storms in the trailer. My guess is that, as a teaser trailer, we’re not supposed to see the Geo Storms just yet, and everything that’s happening (lightning, tidal waves, intense acting) is all the result of the Geo Storms that are lurking just offscreen.


This is really such a vindication for all of us who have always loved the little re-badged Isuzu Impulses we knew as the Geo Storm, and how they managed to bring surprisingly sporty driving to a budget audience.


Plus, the Storm was one of the few true shooting brakes you could buy in America in the early ‘90s, in their Wagonback form. That’s probably what all those tornadoes are a metaphor for.


Also, I think the massive balls of hail most likely represent the juggernaut of GM and how they badge-engineered these Isuzus to wear the Geo marque.

I can’t believe there’s actually a high-budget blockbuster movie about the Geo Storm! This is really a fantastic time to be alive.