There's An Entire Town In Georgia Designed Around Golf Carts

Cars these days – too big! Especially if you’re just driving around together. But what if you could take all the things that make a regular car good (tires, steering wheel, motive force, etc.), and put them in a smaller package, ideally suited for a game of golf or a medium-sized southern town? Thankfully Peachtree City, Georgia, exists, and the denizens there agree with that deranged idea.

It’s not that you can just drive a golf cart down a regular street. Instead, Peachtree City has an entire separate road network just for the things. There are over 9,000 golf carts in the town as a result, and the high school has a golf cart-specific parking lot and the McDonald’s happily accepts golf carts in its drive-through, as you can see here in this video from Tom Scott:

I love the idea of this town. If you’ve never hooned a golf cart like an absolute maniac, you’re totally missing out. Sure, you can probably flip one pretty easily and die a horrible death thanks to its complete lack of safety features, but if you haven’t ever come close to flipping a golf cart, have you ever truly lived?


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