There's An Entire Town In Georgia Designed Around Golf Carts

Cars these days – too big! Especially if you’re just driving around together. But what if you could take all the things that make a regular car good (tires, steering wheel, motive force, etc.), and put them in a smaller package, ideally suited for a game of golf or a medium-sized southern town? Thankfully Peachtree City, Georgia, exists, and the denizens there agree with that deranged idea.

It’s not that you can just drive a golf cart down a regular street. Instead, Peachtree City has an entire separate road network just for the things. There are over 9,000 golf carts in the town as a result, and the high school has a golf cart-specific parking lot and the McDonald’s happily accepts golf carts in its drive-through, as you can see here in this video from Tom Scott:

I love the idea of this town. If you’ve never hooned a golf cart like an absolute maniac, you’re totally missing out. Sure, you can probably flip one pretty easily and die a horrible death thanks to its complete lack of safety features, but if you haven’t ever come close to flipping a golf cart, have you ever truly lived?

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I have extended family in Atlanta. Every third street is named “Peachtree”. Not subtle variations like “Peachtree Court” or “South Peachtree Highway” or anything like that. Just fucking “Peachtree”. It makes navigating anywhere a fucking farce, and the worst part is that the natives don’t seem to think there’s anything strange or confusing about it. I assume this was part of some Jim Crow era scheme so that when The South Rises Again, General Sherman would get lost.