There's A Reason Why A Classic Mercedes-Benz Will Run Forever

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If someone told me to go out and buy the most reliable car I could get, I wouldn't go for a Camry or a Civic, I'd get a classic Mercedes-Benz.


I love modern Mercedes like the technological masterpiece S-Class, and confusing yet wonderful GLA45 AMG, but not nearly as much as I love cars like this W114/8. This car was built was back when Mercedes produced cars entirely without gimmicks, only substance.

When people talk about German build quality, this is what they're talking about.

The car featured in this beautiful film from Petrolicious is a 1972 280/8, which came equipped with the venerable M110 2.8 L inline six. The owner restored the car to its beautiful condition, but he claims that most of the key components are original, and work flawlessly 43 years later. A testament to it's fundamentally excellent design.

I'm never usually one to say "they don't make them like they used to" but I'll make a rare exception in this case. These cars were designed and made to the highest standard.

Cars like these are among the most beautiful ever made, in my opinion. Not beautiful in the way that something like an Alfa Tipo 33 Stradale tugs at your heartstrings, but beautiful in its understated elegance. It's not a car that shouts about itself, it just carries on being quietly perfect.

Top Photo Credit: Petrolicious



Mercedeses from this era really were heirloom cars, in that you could pass one down through the generations, if the family was so inclined. It was a time when Daimler-Benz was ruled by a benevolent engineer junta that strove to make the best cars possible regardless of cost or margins and just trusted that the money would inevitably follow if the product was good.

We'll never see those days again.