There's A New Sheriff Who Will Keep Top Gear In Line

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Top Gear, the upcoming BBC program that will definitely not be a complete calamity, has encountered a few incidents of late. Rumors about power struggles, creative control, and a general shitshow have plagued pre-production. In response, the BBC has appointed a sheriff who will keep everyone’s asses in line.

Ahem, excuse me. What I meant to say was, the BBC has appointed Clare Pizey, a television executive who has spent seven years at the television giant, as “editorial lead” of the show, with full editorial control, according to the Guardian. This happens while host Chris Evans stays the show’s “creative lead.”

A BBC spokesman said: “Clare is an experienced head of department whose credits include big must-see events such as Children in Need and Sport Relief.

Clare will be responsible for the editorial content of Top Gear. She will continue to lead the factual entertainment department including overseeing Children in Need 2016.”


Translation: “Pizey is a fucking boss with a long list of experience being a fucking boss who will make sure shit won’t get any more fucked up than it has been.”

Top Gear’s last boss, former executive producer Lisa Clark, left last year, reportedly over clashes with main host Chris Evans. Evans has reportedly also threatened to quit at least once. More from the story:

Usually the person overseeing the show is called executive producer and one was appointed last year, Lisa Clark, but she left after differences of opinion with Evans and the team. Pizey’s title of editorial lead will replace the role of executive producer.


The new show stars Evans at the top, with additional hosts Joey Tribbiani and former Formula One team owner Eddie Jordan on a tier reportedly below him. Below them will be friend of Jalopnik Chris Harris, Nurburgring person Sabine Schmitz, and Internet video person Rory Reid. And, of course, the Stig.

Sounds like it’ll be interesting at the very least!

Hat tip to Stephen!