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The Chevy Trailblazer is not dead. Seriously, Chevrolet builds it today, an SUV version of the current Colorado. Remind me why we can’t buy it in America?


The new Trailblazer is basically a seven-seat tin-topped version of the Colorado, the main difference being that the SUV version ditches the pickup’s rear leaf springs in favor of a five-link set-up with coil springs.

Somewhat cultured as it may seem, this is still a body-on-frame, live-rear-axle truck under the skin.


Here’s what that back seat/storage area looks like in this covered wagon.


Not only does Chevy build this new Trailblazer, they have been building it (manufactured in Thailand and Brazil) for years! GM revealed the SUV back in 2012. They sell it just about everywhere except America. The Russian market gets the Trailblazer, and even the Indian market just got it.

That makes sense, the international Chevy Colorado had been around just as long, yet only recently has made it to the American market.


So what are you waiting for, GM? Bring the SUV version over, and let the Trailblazer come back. People will buy it because all they buy is SUVs these days. And man cannot survive on Suburbans alone.


Photo Credits: Chevrolet

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