There's A Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart Because Apparently Those Needed Reinventing

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This. This is a thing.

Well, not quite yet. There are only two drive-able versions, created by the golf cart company Garia upon which Mercedes slapped its logo. It will go into production after “the reactions of the market and potential customers” are positive enough to justify it, Mercedes says. I’ll let you decide on that one.

Just so we’re all on the same page, this is a typical golf cart.


The Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Cart, by contrast, is a partnership between Garia and Mercedes where the latter claims to have “reinvented the world of the golf cart” because there was a “need for an updated golf cart that reflects modern times.” I hadn’t previously known that golf carts needed reinvention, but there you have it.

The Mercedes Cart is battery-powered, with an output of 3 kw. It weighs just shy of 1000 pounds and has a governed top speed of 19 mph. Range is up to 50 miles.

And it actually comes with some pretty cool features, I’ll admit. It has double wishbone suspension (handy for those bumpy golf courses I’m sure), front disc brakes and a carbon fiber diffuser (for what purpose I’m not quite certain). There also is a ‘sport’ mode.

Creature comforts include a fridge under the sculpted, a lounge chair-like bench seat, a big onboard touchpad and a Bluetooth connection sound system.


And if you thought the pedals were marked so you knew which was the brake and which was the accelerator, you’d only be half right! The “attractive detail” on the pedals are also a “charming” reference to Garia.


I also have never, in my life, thought of a golf cart as “sporty,” but Mercedes seems to think this is an adjective that needs to be applied to golf carts, like, now. “With its short front and rear overhangs, it somewhat resembles a sporty baseball cap,” the press release gushes. “The effect is to make the vehicle look low and more sporty.” (Note: the word ‘sporty’ appears a half dozen times in the release. But that’s nothing on ‘sensual,’ which appears a total of 14 times.)

This isn’t the first time a luxury automaker has tried to create some kind of ridiculous lifestyle product, and it surely won’t be the last. So yeah, if you are as blown away by this golf cart as I am, Garia might actually put it into production.


You can find out more about the Cart here. And watch the video, too, because it’s amazing.