There's A Land-Spaceship For Sale On eBay Right Now

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If you've got about 90 large burning a hole in your fanny pack and you want a car, but are sick to death of boring rationality, boy are you in luck. Even better if you have a sort of fetish for giant, robotic insect-looking things. If that's you, you better check out this auction for Mike Vetter's ETV.

ETV stands for "Extra Terrestrial Vehicle" and "Mike Vetter" stands for Mike Vetter, owner of the Kit Car Factory, a Florida-based make of elaborate body kits for Boxsters, MR2s, Chevy Cobalts, and more. His stuff looks to be pretty dramatic and probably not to everyone's taste. Personally, I love seeing people doing novel things like this, and I think the world would be a better place with more crazy-ass kit cars out there.

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The ETV is certainly doing its part in the crazy-ass arena. It sort of reminds me of what a Stout Scarab or maybe a Rumpler Tropfen-Auto might be like translated into a modern vocabulary. A bit. It's like a big mechanical, armored slug, but somehow also manages to seem futuristic and sleek.

I wouldn't actually say it's pretty, but it sure as hell is striking, and if getting attention is your goal, this thing is even better than a Lambo Aventador with rubber tits hot-glued all over it.

Here's some details from the seller:

This unique car has a factory looking fit and finish. The interior is all leather, suede and aluminum. The suspension is air adjustable with an on board compressor, digital gauge and can be controlled by remote as well as switches while you are driving. So to answer the most asked question, YES, the car goes over speed bumps just fine, As well as up steep gas station driveways, or into the car trailer without any issues. The lamborghini style doors work flawlessly by remote and with manual handles inside as well as buttons. There are front and rear mounted cameras so you are able to see behind you at all times, as well as the lower front bumper area so you can pull up within inches of a concrete curb and not hit it. This car is powered by a chevy 2 liter supercharged motor which has 270HP and will get this thing up to speed plenty fast.

So, speed bumps and driveways are no obstacle for it? Fantastic, I love that in a car. Sure, it's just a 2L Chevy running the show in there, but who cares? I'm not even sure which oddly curved panel to lift up to see the engine, anyway.

That wavy sill is especially strange, too. At first I thought the image was corrupted.

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Someone in the attention-seeking luxury car market really should buy this thing. It's crazy, sure, but it's the kind of crazy that adds that much extra oomph to the day of anyone who encounters it.


Also, if you're a kidnapper, this is a great way to give any normal abduction that special "abducted by aliens" feel. Your abductees will thank you!

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