There's A Kiwi Hidden In The McLaren P1's Engine Bay

Bruce McLaren came to England from Auckland, New Zealand, and while the company today is as British as it gets, they remain very proud of their heritage and clever easter eggs as well.


British illustrator Michael Turner got involved with the Can-Am series and became friends with McLaren's drivers, Denny Hulme and Bruce McLaren himself.

Following that, he designed the livery of the McLaren M1B, their first Formula One car for the 1966 season and the team logo with New-Zealand's national symbol.

That was changed first in 1967 with the introduction of the "Speedy Kiwi", also penned by Turner. This was also the first time they used the Papaya orange color, known today as 'McLaren Orange'.


Sponsors Phillip Morris took care of "Speedy Kiwi" in 1981, replacing it with the checkered flag logo of McLaren International designed by Raymond Loewy. Marlboro turned it into red, then McLaren simplified it further in 1991.

The 'speedmark' you see today was launched in 1997 and upgraded in 2012. You can even have one in carbon fiber if the red version clashes with the color on your car.


In case you're in for a P1, you also get a hidden kiwi.

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