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‘There's A Difference Between Driving With Enthusiasm And Being A Douche Nozzle’

Illustration for article titled ‘Theres A Difference Between Driving With Enthusiasm And Being A Douche Nozzle’

We all love driving, but at a certain point you can cross a line of social acceptability. We saw a crash today that reminded us of this line.


The crash was that of a Canadian professor behind the wheel of his Maserati Quattroporte. He injured another driver in a truck and he wrecked his car. One reader wondered why it seemed like we were bringing an unnecessarily harsh view on the incident.

I'm not cool with persecuting a man on the internet for owning a nice car, driving with enthusiasm, and getting in a wreck. I'm not sure that the slant of this story matches the facts, and it feels like the writer is just trolling for a bunch of "what a douche" and "he didn't earn it" reactions.


Reader TurboLag23 responded with some words of wisdom that are not only useful in interpreting this case, but should be remembered every time you put your foot to the floor.

There's a difference between driving with enthusiasm and being a douche nozzle.

I drive enthusiastically when there's nobody in front of me and it's a sunny day on Mulholland Highway between Las Virgines and Decker and the windows are down and the iPod's in on my awesome playlist.  All that in my automatic 2008 Acura TL or 2004 Subaru Outback H6.

People drive like douches when they have cars with modified/loud exhaust systems (Maser is included because of the sport exhaust), and they just sit there revving the piss out of it at stoplights trying to impress the 60-year-old elementary school teacher in the Accord next to them.

I would agree with you if he fell into the first group, but since he falls into the second group, I can't cosign on your post.  Sorry bro.

It’s a tricky subject because most car would be happy to cheer for a McLaren doing a burnout on the street, but would hate a guy doing the same in a trashy Nissan. What’s the worst case of dicktastic driving you’ve seen on the street, and would you have been more forgiving if the driver was behind the wheel of an exotic?

Photo Credit: McLaren

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Jonathan Harper

A wise man once said "there is a fine line between a hoon and an idiot".