We see all kinds of car-selling scams on Craigslist, and some are clever, some are just confusing, and some are even subtle. Not this one. This one seems about as subtle as a cinder block wrapped in strips of pink, fresh Nova Scotia salmon.

In case it disappears into the aether, here’s the ad:

...and here’s the important copy:

Blue Lamborghini Huracan Performente and gray Tesla. Both Only 20,000 dollars. I take credit, debit, and cash. Just bring the money strait to me, first come first serve.

So, okay, this guy has a Lamborghini Hurcan Performante (they go for about $275,000 normally) and a Tesla Model S with a rakish stripe (those start about $70,000) and he’s willing to take just $20,000 for them, right now?


The savings on the Lambo clearly makes it the way to go. Sure, that Tesla is $50,000 off, but you’re saving about $255,000 on that Lambo! How can you afford to pass this up?

Of course, the likelihood this guy has either car is about the same as the likelihood that I’m going to eat a piece of the True Cross on a hot dog bun, with kraut, for lunch.

So, what exactly is the scam here? Is it as simple as seeing what fools show up at that address with $20 large and they get hit with a bat?


I guess he can take credit, debit, or cash because with the bat-applied-to-head methodology, he can either just physically use your debit or credit cards as well as taking your cash?

Is there some subtlety to this I’m missing, or is this just a straight-up dumbass trap?

If it is, you have to appreciate the brutal simplicity of it all.

I wonder if he’ll take a check?

Update 1:35 p.m. So, this seems to be even stranger; the address on the CL ad appears to be the alleged new address of noted YouTube dipshit Jake Paul. Someone appears to be pranking him, or something. Oh boy.


(thanks, Tanvir!)