There's a $6,000 Bugatti Veyron for Sale in India, I'm Pretty Sure

If you’re looking for what is very likely the bargain of the century, you need to head over to India, where someone appears to be selling a stunning Bugatti Veyron for an astoundingly cheap ₹ 4,00,000, which comes to about $5,700 in damp American dollars. That’s a discount of about, oh, $1.2 million or so, which is pretty damn good. It’s possible that this Veyron may have been modified, or even that, somehow, this car is not a real Bugatti Veyron? Can’t be, though, right? This is probably just an amazing deal.

I mean, if you’re in doubt because the URL has the words “modified-car” in it, just check out the details in the ad itself:


I mean, you couldn’t just type “Bugatti” and “Veyron” into some fields on an online selling site if it wasn’t true, right?

Plus, the description, “Buy and drive bindaas .Indian swagg” seems to check out, as “bindaas” is a word that suggests coolness, self-confidence, that sort of thing, and that’s what you’d get with a real Veyron, right? Not some Maruti Suzuki or something decked out like a Veyron.

I mean, it’s got the horse-collar-shaped grille, Bugatti badging front and rear, terrible rearward visibility, the two-tone paint, four wheels, interior with seats—everything checks out just fine.


Even with shipping from India, this looks like a deal too good to pass up. One of you out there should take that leap into Bugatti ownership!

(thanks, Austin!)

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