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There Might Be An Ebola Case In NYC And He Just Got A Police Escort

Illustration for article titled There Might Be An Ebola Case In NYC And He Just Got A Police Escort

A doctor who treated Ebola patients in Africa returned to New York City ten days ago. Today, he reported symptoms of a 103-degree fever and nausea. And now the NYPD and the FDNY just sent out a miniature motorcade to bring him to the hospital.

Most patients asking for an ambulance in New York City just get one ambulance, and maybe a cane and some Percocet after the hospital realizes they don't have health insurance.


Craig Spencer, the 33-year-old physician whose work with Doctors Without Borders brought him in close contact with Ebola patients, received the luxury and precaution of not just two ambulances, but two cop cars as well, to bring him to Bellevue Hospital, according to the New York Post.

So far, it doesn't look like the city is really screwing around with what may be its first real Ebola case. Though the city definitely isn't in the clear, thanks to Uber and Williamsburg, because of course:


In the meantime, an FDNY Haz-Mat team has sealed off Spencer's apartment, and the NYPD has closed off his street. Just in case he got some potential Ebola on the asphalt, or something.

Bellevue Hospital is expecting a definitive diagnosis in the next 12 hours.

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Wait. NYPD has Altima Police cars??? weird...and ummm LOLOL.