We didn't even have enough time for a proper mourning period for Michigan State University's Morrill Hall, which is about to be torn down. It caught fire just as demolition began.

Summer students and The State News tweeted that the 113-year-old former dormitory caught fire around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night. And as a harsh reminder of just how old the building is, onlookers were told to stay away because of a crazy amount of asbestos burning there.

It's not clear if anyone was injured or if anyone was actually in the building when the fire broke out.


As we discussed earlier, Morrill Hall was scheduled be torn down because the building was simply too old to maintain and had outlived its usefulness. Demolition had begun this week after years of talk of tearing it down.

While we're talking about it, though, let's clear one thing up: Morrill Hall is old, but it's not the oldest building still standing on campus. That distinction belongs to Cowles House (or President's House if you're nasty), which was built way back in 1857. Even then, Linton Hall and Eustace-Cole Hall are older than Morrill.


Here's another Vine of Morrill's untimely demise from @oopsspaghetti, who also provided the Vine above:


(Photo via @thesnews)