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"There, I Fixed It:" 996 Edition

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Porsche made a big mistake in the late 1990s with the 996. Let's ignore the mechanical woes of Porsche's experimentations with watercooling the 911 for a second and just look at 'em. The front of 'em. Melty. Egg. Headlamps. THE HORROR.


Lucky for you, some enterprising whackadoodle in Germany grafted an entire 2010 911 GT3 RS body onto a 996!

Problem solved!

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Currently listed for €38,000 on, this example features über-gaudy 20" Mansory wheels (does Mansory make anything subtle, ever? NO!) and absolutely zero pictures or mention of the interior.

I can see a rollcage—excellent. I can't see that the interior was swapped for a 997's—not so excellent.

The 996's dashboard is a blobby flashback to my junior high years, and a woefully dated reminder that you're sitting in a nineties car. Yeah, I'd hide that from the pictures, too.

Iffy English translation of the seller's description, thanks to The Google:

996 .. completely rebuilt with original parts on the 2010 997 GT3 RS ! ... All with original Porsche parts: GT3 RS side walls , GT3 RS sills, 997 rear -front and side windows , 997 Sport Classic LED tail lights, 997 Bi - Xenon headlights , GT3 RS front bumper, GT3 RS facelift rear bumper , 997 GT3 RS Exhaust with Headers and Kat , 997 heat shields , GT3 roll bar, roof frames 997 , 997 rear panel . 997 GT3 RS 2005's rear spoiler, everything was made in Karroseriefachbetrieb , no filler bomber , it finally is after all a Porsche ... he has a KW coilover / Porsche racing dampers and stands on 9 and 12x20 original Mansory Rinspeed rims with 345/25/20 . Front tires new, rear 60%. All fully Registered ! complete vehicle history available , original checkbook present, full - Lederausstatung in black Porsche , Porsche had a damaged rear right , front right and on the passenger door , pictures of the damage present ..... Price deals possible . Vehicle is in 97909 , call with questions simple, and no I am not a dealer. Thank you


I'll give him this much—when the 996 body was damaged, he definitely picked a better looking body to replace it with. Unfortunately, this makes it a 997.2 GT3 RS look-alike that's all show and no go.

A previously crunched 996? What's German for "crack pipe?"

Illustration for article titled There, I Fixed It: 996 Edition

At least it's a manual.

Full ad is here; see here if deleted.

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Kevin Barrett

Am I the only person that liked the broken egg headlights?