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There Could Be Room For Something Even Hotter Than A Honda Civic Type-R

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Honda Civic Type-R is already a 310-horsepower hot hatch nutjob. But maybe, just maybe, it’s not nutty enough, because the guy responsible for the car just said that Honda left just a little bit of room for more power on the table. Just in case.

The Civic Type-R already holds the record for front-wheel-drive powered cars on the Nurburgring, which, if you care at all and I don’t know why you would, is a Thing. But Honda Civic Type-R project leader Hisayuki Yagi, ever wary that they work in an industry full of people trying to take that record down, isn’t ready to give up the crown so easy.


If someone tries to take the record, Honda is adamant they’d take it back, according to Motor Trend. And Honda know hows how it would do it:

Modify the car, or simply drive faster? “We didn’t leave ourselves any margin of safety in that lap. We would have to modify the car.”

We ask how. “Weight, and power output. You’ve driven it,” Yagi-san said. “You can feel there is headroom for more power from the engine. It’s all about power to weight ratio.” MT suggested about 120 pounds and 20 horsepower. Yagi nodded.


New ideas that I just made up for what it could be called include the Honda Civc Type-R R.

It’s like the regular Honda Civic Type-R but, like, more.

You’re welcome, Honda.

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