This shouldn’t really be happening, and that’s exactly why it’s happening.

McLaren Special Operations built 375 P1s with 904 horsepower hybrid drivetrains and enough performance to smoke anything that isn’t a Koenigsegg One:1, on or off the track.

Then they decided to put a bigger, fixed wing on the thing and give it a bit more power in order to end up with 24 P1 GTRs—track specials offered only to those who already own a McLaren P1.

For your extra $3 million, McLaren also threw in track days at six F1 tracks around the planet with a full crew, training, plus bed and breakfast. But for some, that just wasn’t enough. And that’s where Lanzante Motorsport came into the picture.


Lanzante doesn’t need a fancy webpage to find its customers. All they need is an image of their previous creation, and some contact details.

After quite a few F1 GTRs got converted to read-legal specifications in recent years, Lanzante figured the same could be done to the P1 GTRs, since 986 horsepower in a rear-wheel drive car is exactly what the doctor prescribed.


McLaren doesn’t seem to like talking about this too much, but those P1 GTR buyers certainly got Lanzante’s message. The next thing you know, an orange P1 GTR pops up in Monaco, registered as ‘BV16 ZVH’ like it was some Vauxhall.

Another converted GTR, the red ‘HR13 GTR’ popped up at Blackplain last weekend, while ‘HV16 PNN’ and Dubai’s ‘B 87000' are also out there somewhere, getting groceries and all. According to Lanzante, there’s a forth European car while the sixth road legal GTR went to Japan.


Photo credit: Dave Eden


If we can believe this Danish listing, about $4.5 million can buy you a regular McLaren P1 GTR today. Once that transaction is complete, you might want to call +44 1730 887277.

They can put a reverse light on it.


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