The World's Ugliest Car Is Dead

Throw the sheets over the mirrors, everyone. The Mitsuoka Orochi — quite likely the ugliest car in the world — is about to be retired.

Odds are, you've probably never seen a Mitsuoka Orochi before. You'd remember it if you did. The Toyota V6-powered sports car from Japanese coachbuilder Mitsuoka has been in production since 2006, named after and every bit as hideous as a legendary eight-headed dragon.


But now, according to Autoblog, the dragon has been slain. But before it rides off into the sunset, it will be available as a Final Edition with special 19-inch wheels, a front splitter, a new rear wing and either "Fuyoru blackberry" or gold paint.

Rest in peace, sweet dragon. You were too strange and beautiful for this world. And by beautiful, I mean not really beautiful at all.


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