What's the largest engine in the world? Well, it depends from how you look at it. Thankfully, we have dedicated Jalopnik readers to help us finding the right answers.


So here we go, with everything from heavy oil burning monsters to steam turbines and some renewable energy thrown in for good measure.

10.) The Largest Production Motorcycle Engine


How big: 2.3 liters
How powerful: 140 horsepower

You would expect this trophy to land at an American company like Harley Davidson, and yes, Boss Hoss Cycles indeed makes choppers powered by GM small- and big block crate engines. If you don't think a Chevy big block crammed into a bike counts, the largest "proper" motorcycle engine is the British Triumph Rocket III's water-cooled three-cylinder producing 150 lb·ft of torque.

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9.) The Largest Current Production Car Engine


How big: 8.4 liters
How powerful: 640 horsepower

Congratulations Chrysler! Nobody else is crazy enough to put a 8.4-liter V10 into a production vehicle, but you've done it again. Naturally, General Motors comes to the rescue if you need even more, with the Chevrolet "572" 9.2 V8 crate engine.

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8.) The Largest Radial Aero Engine


How big: 127 liters
How powerful: 5,000 horsepower

Say hi to the Lycoming XR-7755! Gamecat235 knows what happened to this baby:

It was meant for the B-36, but after they produced two, it was dropped in favor for a different design. I almost included it in my B-36 write up, but decided against it as it was just one more esoteric fact.


Make sure to read his full story.

Suggested By: Gamecat235, Photo Credit: Consolidated Aircraft Corporation

7.) The Largest Wind Motor


How big: 505 feet in diameter
How powerful: 8,046 horsepower

Siemens makes almost everything in connection with electricity, but the SWT-6.0-154 must be one of their largest products yet. It also keeps pandas alive, sort of. Read all about it here!

Suggested By: BigHarv, Photo Credit: Siemens AG

6.) The Largest (By Length) Steam Locomotive Engine


How big: 85 feet 3.4 inches long
How powerful: tractive effort was 135,375 lbf (11,281 ft-lb)

Union Pacific Railroad's 4000-class 4-8-8-4 articulated steam locomotives, commonly known as the 'Big Boys' were built between 1941 and 1945. 25 went into service, with the last ride ending in 1959. By that time, diesel power replaced steam, bu.

Suggested By: f86sabre, Photo Credit:hugh llewelyn


5.) The Largest Locomotive Engine


How big: 83 feet 6.5 inches long
How powerful: 4,500-8,500 horsepower (3rd. generation)

I can't explain the "Big Blow" better than Union Pacific themselves:


It was very inefficient and used highly sensitive fuel oil and there are stories of them melting bridges when parked running on top of them. The last ride was in 1969.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Wikipedia 1,2.

4.) The Largest Industrial Turbine Engine


How big: You will need a nuclear power station to hold it
How powerful: 2,346,788 horsepower

This is the 1750 MWe ARABELLE turbine generator, which converts wet steam from a French nuclear generator into electricity. The blades alone weigh 176 pounds. That's a lot of rotors from the French.

Suggested By: wankelwanker and BigHarv, Photo Credit: Alstrom


3.) The Largest Rocket Engine


How big: 18.5-feet for the engine, 363 feet tall with the full rocket
How powerful: 190 million horsepower

When you want to go to the moon, you need a big engine. The Saturn V was the biggest they ever made.

Suggested By: John Coctostan and f86sabre, Photo Credit: Boeing


2.) The Largest Car Engine Of All Time


How big: 28.3 liters
How powerful: 300 horsepower

Yes, there are some cars with larger airplane engines out there, but this Fiat is the real deal. According to Team DAN, this is what you need to know:

Built in the winter of 1910/11 by Fiat to take on the Blitzen Benz, it featured a four cylinde 28.3 litre engine (190x250mm). Two of these cars were built. Number 1 was purchased by the Russian Prince Boris Soukhanov late 1911, but after the Russian revolution it went to Australia where it was fitted with a Stutz engine until it was crashed in 1924. Number 2 was retained by Fiat, but was scrapped in 1920, only the engine being kept.


Suggested By: TheBaron2112, Photo Credit: Fiat

1.) The Largest Marine Engine


How big: 89 feet long and 44 feet wide, 1,820 liters per cylinder, 10,920 to 25,480 liters total
How powerful: 107,389 horsepower

The Finnish Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C powers the largest vessels in the world. It's a two-stroke turbo running on heavy fuel oil and it can be configured with six to fourteen cylinders. Brian, The Life of had this to add:

Consuming more than 39 barrels of oil per hour, it costs $34/minute to run. Wow!

Wow indeed!

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of , Photo Credit: Wärtsilä

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Top Photo Credit: NASA via Bryan K