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The World's Second Oldest Rally Is So Wild, It Might Drop Off The WRC Calendar

GIF via jedrek555

There’s plenty of racing this weekend, but sadly, not enough of it is on dirt. If you can’t wait for more dirt, this completely ridiculous highlight reel from Rally Poland should suffice.

Rally Poland is the second oldest rally in the world, and usually one of the fastest on the World Rally Championship calendar.


I’m not sure who’s crazier, exactly: the drivers who are absolutely flying down the muddy roads, or the spectators that jump and shout at every car going by.

Those spectators celebrating in the road after the car passed may be part of a bigger problem for the rally, unfortunately. Rally Poland’s actually in some hot water with the WRC over spectator safety issues, such that it may not return to the WRC calendar next year, according to Autosport. The rally was cited for having spectators too close to race cars, spectators driving on live stages, and one particularly insane moment where a fire truck nearly hit a rally car.

Rally Poland’s contract with the WRC ends after this year, and given the concerns over spectator safety, it may not be renewed. That sucks, because it’s one of the most incredible rallies of the season.


[H/T Ducky Ventures]

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Dusty Ventures

Here’s the highlight reel Stef forgot to include