The World's Only BMW 3-Series Dually Tow Truck Can Be Yours!

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Somehow, some way, the one and only 3-Series tow truck we spotted two years ago is still alive. And it's for sale, again!

At some point we determined that this is based on a 1980 Datsun 720 King Cab. It has got to be the only E21 dually tow truck on planet earth, right?


Looks like the interior is still in good shape and you've gotta admit, the whole conversion is actually pretty clean.

Now it's heading to the auction block on April 15th Copart in Hampton, Virginia who claim it's only got 13,327 miles and a clean Virginia title. For any Bimmerphiles that want to check out exactly what car it is so they can shake their fists in blind purist rage, the VIN is WBAA03300B3003799.

What do you reckon this'll sell for?

Hat tip to empfader!

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