The World’s Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner Speaks

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We received the following response from TeamSalamone, the subject of our previous story — the world's most stereotypical Lamborghini owner. Here is the letter, in its entirety:

Dearest Matt, I own two Lamborghini's and I was upset by your article at first. I shouldn't take myself so seriously, and neither should you.

Who I am:

I am 44 year old man from New York with two Lamborghinis. I have a great passion for Autos. I have logged track time at many venues; I am a member of many car clubs; I attend any car meet from imports, exotics and muscle cars. I run Rallies such as Bullrun Rally and Gumball3000. I always drive with "Concubine" my co-driver and wife.


That is a nickname. She is the love of my life and my constant companion.
Her nick name was given to her by a very close friend of ours. We were having a Love and Commitment ceremony in the Forbidden City of China and we heard the story of the Emperor and the Dragon Lady. The Emperor's concubine had more power than his wife. People called her "dragon Lady." When my wife heard this she exclaimed: "If the Concubine has more power than the Wife..then I want to be the Concubine. Her nickname was born. She has a full back tattoo of a dragon and it fits perfectly. My friends who were present gave her the nickname and we use if lovingly as we remember our special ceremony. It is not meant to be degrading to her or any other female.

My Profession:

I am a Divorce Lawyer. I take great pride in what I do. I give my clients 100% always. My Law Firm supports dozens employees with families, homes and children. I love the people I work with. I am divorced myself. When my wife left me I was devastated for more than five years. I was just destroyed. It was the worst part of my life and I loved her very much. She left me.

Tacky Lamborghini merchandize:

I have more of that than anyone. I only have only one hobby: Cars. Every Fathers Day; Christmas and Birthday I open presents, smile and thank my loving family and friends for yet another tee shirt; die cast model; mouse pad; jacket; or….Baby diaper bag. All gifts are Lamborghini themed. I hope it never changes and I think that unless I learn to bowl or play golf..the Lambo gifts will keep coming.

Bullrun Rally:

This is very hard core automotive enthusiast event. It was the time of my life. I was not prepared to be around such skilled drivers. The winners of Bullrun in 2011; and 2010 are far more skillful than I ever will be. Bullrun had professional drivers; well known auto personalities and real hard core car enthusiasts. Everyone was so wonderful and the awards were well deserved. Bullrun spirit is contagious. I received no tickets; did not drive reckless; and I enjoyed everyone's company just trying to drive over 3000 miles. I drove with Concubine. We are inseparable. She cannot drive Lamborghinis and I would never leave her home. She joked that she has "27 moves for Bullrun and none of them involve driving." I loved that. We fought; we laughed; we kept our spirits up and the spirits of our fellow rally drivers.

The signs; stickers; and vanity plates

In Bullrun a well known team pranked us by placing an "I'heart' Anal" sign on our car. They put an "I ‘heart' 2 swallow" sign on the car behind us. MTV filmed it. Instead of being embarrassed or upset, Concubine asked if she could trade signs or have both. She found it very funny. It was hilarious. We use these souvenirs on rallies. In one rally we posed for a picture with a police officer and asked him to hold a TeamSalamone sign. We switched it at the last minute to an "I ‘heart' Anal" sign. That's a funny picture.
As for the funny but lewd little stickers, that is also a joke. Not meant to harm or offend. In New York the minivans are often adorned with stick figures depicting a person's family. At a large event we opined that you never see those "happy family" stickers on 2 seated cars. We bought one and made funny childish scenes on my Lamborghini where the man and woman were doing things. The sticker packet had a dog in it and we used his tail as a phallus. People went nuts. We had them produced for rallies and events and gave them to people for fun. We are sorry if this offends people. It was funny to us but we have taken them off our cars and we are not sending them out to the dozens of people each day who ask us for shirts and stickers. We always said yes and never charged.

The Vanity plates don't hurt anyone. I keep them because most people can't believe that word was not taken. It's funny and Ironic to me on several levels. I apologize?


It would not be charitable to give you my resume for what I do. I am strongly confident that I do more for charity than anyone I have ever personally met.

I am looking to focus on a particular charity now and at the time that I am writing this they have not returned my calls. My family has four members of clergy in it and I am not short of ideas. This year will be a good year for giving.


I am well known for driving very safe towards the back of a pack at all rally's and car events and on public roads. On tracks and rented airport runways I let loose. I never drink and drive and I am aware that in any accident it is the fault of the guy driving the Lamborghini. I had a woman push her baby stroller in front of my car in the Bronx once. She laughed. She wanted me to hit the baby.

I have no particular responsibility to you or others as a regular guy and Lamborghini owner. I noticed you mentioned someone else in your article as being a more appropriate super car owner. Focusing on the good in people is commendable. More power to him and you for recognizing that not every Lambo owner is a certain type. I try not to generalize anyone by a stereotype although I understand and appreciate how easy it was to make fun of me. I thank you for not including our children in your article. I thank you for being kind in the photos you put up. We certainly have had some fun over the years. I apologize for making it so public and/or offensive.

Conclusion and moving forward:

I have learned from your article. I will tone it down; dial back; and be more private. But just a little. I don't really change and I am the real deal. I will continue to drive my cars; show up at every event. I love cars and car people. Everyone who meets me at an event is greeted with a big smile and positive conversation, maybe a joke or two. I have never said no to anyone who wants to speak to me or photograph my car, no matter how tired; uncomfortable or preoccupied I may be at any given time. I love car enthusiasts because I am one. My cars don't sit, I drive them the way a real car guy drives whatever he may own. Please say hello to me if you see me. I will be the guy wearing some tacky Lamborghini apparel that I got for Christmas. I thank you for showing me the type of judgment that can be levied on my public conduct and that my lighthearted jokes may be offensive to many. I would like to say I will change, but one thing is certain: Concubine and I will squeeze all of the fun out of every God given minute of life. If that bothers you, please look the other way. We are not hurting anyone.

I wish you and your readers well, now and always. Have fun.