The Woman In This 70s French VW Manual Looks Like She's In A Movie

This manual shouldn't be this interesting at all. It's a comprehensive operations manual for a 1974 VW Super Beetle, covering some really basic stuff — how to start the car, how to shift, how to use the indicators — but the model they chose and the way she's been shot make these images look like something from French New Wave cinema.


I mean, just look at some of these pictures — they feel more like film stills than they do instruction guide images. The woman in there — she's beautiful, but more than that, her face shows something more than the blank look of a person demonstrating a parking brake. When she peers out of the partially-opened door, for example, you get a feeling or vulnerability, of a woman aware of some nearby threat.

When she's driving, she has a quiet determination; it's clear she's more comfortable when she's behind the wheel of her Beetle. Exiting, you can see the creeping unease, an ever-so-slight unwillingness to leave the protection of that steel carapace.

This movie would be pretty good. Just cut down some of the tedious scenes of blinker operation and I bet we'd have some sort of exotic, psychosexual thriller going on here.

Here's a bunch more pictures so you can see what I mean.


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