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Today's Question of the Day asked at what point does the turd enter the punchbowl of car customization? For your consideration we present the "Wildest Custom Z On The Planent." Our be-mulleted alter-ego kinda loves this thing.


Yes, it steps way over the line of tasteful customization, but in doing so has transcended its original 1979 Datsun 280-ness and become a whole different animal. It might be the embodiment of everything lovably awful about the 80's. It's a feathered haircut full of Aquanet and tight neon pink snakeskin pants rolled into one. Ridiculous consumption defined, but it celebrates this, unashamed. It helps that according to the seller, it's actually got the snoot full of custom parts too, rather than just cocaine (brace for a murderous spelling spree):

The WILDEST Z on the planent.......NOT A KIT...... Hand built. car in person is unreal. Inline 6 motor making over 350 hp......Bored,.....stroked ......w/diesel crank...custom AZ Z CAM w/kit......AZ flatop pistons, ported polished head w/oversize exhaust valeves & intake,custom made heddar going to 2 side exiting pipes,AZ Z 4 barell manifold and carb,mallory ignition, AZ Z custom alum radiator, AZ Z heavy duty clutch and alum flywhee 5 speed close ration trans w/super short throw...suburau 390 rear end.........Car has a/c ..pwr windows,,,,sonny stereo w/c/d player. DRIVE it overheating problems 3,000 miles on car since builtl....200mph speedo..10,000 rpm tac...loads of other custom guages (everything works) full Roll Cage....custom Kirkey race seats with custom upholstery. 15 x 14 rear wheels and tires and 15 x 12 front wheels (wheels are GOTTI racing wheels) This car is the WILDEST Z anywhere..PERIOD.....The attenion it gets is unreal and the SOUND.... THE SOUND... it is better than any built 350 I have heard. Can hear run via phone if seriously intrested. There is NO OTHER LIKE IT AND THEY NEVER WILL BE.....


We guarantee this car has seen more air guitar and double devil-horns than any a Billy Idol concert. Who knows what the condition of the car is these days — the pictures seem pretty vintage — but it doesn't really matter. The car is just the idea. Rock on custom Z, rock on. (Thanks for the tip Eric) [eBay listing]

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