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When we were knee-high to a platypus, our dad's co-worker had a VW Rabbit pickup. We thought it was badass. His son later totally freaked out on a totally hot friend of ours when she married the raddest guy around. Of course, we'd made out with said totally hot friend thereby satiating our desires and were happy to see her marry such a rad guy and subsequently have rad children. But this guy harbored a secret crush and it got the best of him. And it's kinda sad, because we had a lot of fun with said freakout artist playing with a Mork From Ork egg when we were supposed to be napping at daycare. But VW, amazingly, is still making the pickup, and it's for sale in South Africa. Because, well, they're apparently just entering the 1980s, too. [Thanks to Mattias for the tip.]

VW Pickup [Volkswagen South Africa]

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