As far as what the “most powerful Golf ever” could actually look like, it will likely produce a similar if not identical performance output to the new Audi S3 that debuted back in August. Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group of automotive brands, and the previous-generation VW Golf R shared most of its powertrain with the previous-generation S3. The new S3 now makes 305 HP (310 PS) and 295 lb-ft of torque, so it’s safe to expect the new R to land around there. Of course, the R also has no reason to drop its all-wheel-drive setup, so that’s a safe bet too.


Speaking of the S3, the Golf R has traditionally undercut the price of the Audi by at least a couple of grand, but pricing for either new car hasn’t been announced yet. Still, expect the VW to be a bit of a deal (though over $40,000) — even if you remember that we almost got a new R and S3 with a five-cylinder. That would have just been fun, but oh well.

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