The Volvo XC90 Hasn't Killed Anyone In Britain In 14 Years

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The current generation of the XC90 might be the safest car of all time, or at least the safest model that doesn’t come with a roll cage, five-point harness, and racing seats. And according to new research, the XC90 hasn’t killed anyone after 14 years on British roads.

That’s impressive, considering that 54,000 XC90s have been sold in Britain since the model’s introduction in 2002.

Here’s more from The Sunday Times:

Thatcham Research, which tests new cars for safety, analysed Government records based on police accident reports, and compared them with data from car insurers, and found no record of anyone having been killed in Volvo’s largest SUV.


Matthew Avery, director of research at Thatcham, said that the car’s safety record stood out for being unblemished: “Often when a vehicle is new, you don’t see fatalities, as it takes time for models to build up sales numbers. But we have around 14 years’ history of the XC90, and that stands out.

“The old XC90 is very good. In terms of people being killed, in 14 years, I can’t see any,” Avery told Auto Express.


Volvo, of course, has long had a reputation for building sturdy, safe cars that stand the test of time, something that hasn’t changed even as the company was bought by Ford in 1999 and, eleven years after that, the Chinese company Geely.

This is the company that invented the seat belt, remember, a legacy that it’s continuing to uphold. And on top of that, the Volvo XC90 might actually make you love SUVs.