The Volkswagen Space Vizzion Brings The Wagon Into The Future

Volkswagen’s main concept car at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show wasn’t the most outlandish or flashy concept it has ever had, but was in many ways as much of a modern take on a classic Volkswagen staple as the ID Buzz reborn Microbus—just more subtle. It’s a wagon, an electric wagon, and the motor is mounted low in the rear, under the cargo area, just like the air-cooled VW wagons made in decades past.

I got a chance to talk, in surprising length and detail, with Matt Renna, Volkswagen’s Vice President of E-Mobility and Innovation. Basically, right now that means he’s in charge of a lot of the MEB-based electric car projects, including this one, the Space Vizzion concept.


“Space Vizzion” is sort of a ridiculous name, but, at the same time it’s memorable and fun and I prefer it to call it something like the SV-E Sportwagcoupe or some joyless shit like that.

The Space Vizzion concept is, overall, a pretty restrained but clever and thoughtful modern, electric take on a usable mid-sized station wagon. It appears to be the sort of car that would do most wagon-ish things quite well—it’s very roomy and stylish without seeming too gimmicky, and with that 275 horsepower electric motor driving the rear wheels, it should be pretty fun.


It’s also made from mushed-up apples on the inside. And I’m still not happy they didn’t try harder to give it a traditional VW front trunk.

Overall, I do like it, so why not watch me grill poor VP Renna about it in the video? I’m pretty sure it’ll give you a decent idea of both what the car is like, and how little awareness some journalists have that people may be shooting an interview in a car.

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Capacitive buttons on the steering wheel, to make sure you press things accidentally and can’t be certain which button you’re reaching for without looking down:

No physical controls, just a cheap laptop screen tacked onto the dash for even more driving ennui…

In conclusion, fuck you Volkswagen, I want my Fahrvergnügen back.

Edit: I see why VW is turning out this steaming garbage. That guy, Matt Renna, came to Volkswagen from Tesla. He’s a Tesla dork, brought over to make Volkswagen suck just a bit more capture that Tesla magic