The Volkswagen Golf R400 May Be Coming To A Dealer Near You

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Our collective reaction to Volkswagen's R400 reveal at the L.A. Auto Show was something along the lines of, "That's great, thanks for teasing us with something we can't buy." But ultra-bonkers hot-hatch fans shouldn't give up hope quite yet. VW's still making the case on whether or not to send the R400 to our shores.


According to Automotive News, Volkswagen executives have dropped some hints that the R400 in addition to a new VW van might be coming our way. You heard that right, a van and a super hatchback for us! The van may be either based off the commercial Crafter vehicle found in other markets, or the Caddy, a larger people mover based on the flexible MQB platform.


"We are just in front of the decision to do it or not, but I personally think that we have good conditions to do it..." - Hans-Jakob Neusser, VW's development chief

Of course the R400 and the proposed van are all part of VW's new product offensive that are spearheaded by a range of crossovers. A sales segment the brand desperately needs to be successful in.

"I think first we have to make our two core models right, the Tiguan and the midsize SUV, but then there's room for derivatives whether they're priced upwards or priced downwards...There's definitely more potential in the market." - Michael Horn, CEO of Volkswagen of America


Maybe Volkswagen is starting to understand this whole sales thing after all. Pricing for the Golf R400 has not been discussed, but given the Golf R stickers at bout $40,000, the R400 will most likely will fall in the range of "More than you can afford, pal." But hey we can still dream right?

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