I've logged a lot of hours playing flying simulators and raced around in a doorless Gyrocopter, so I thought I had a decent concept of what it's like to to be in cockpit of a fighter jet. This GoPro video from the inside of a Navy F18 shows just how wrong I was. It's so much better.


Someone had the brilliant idea to snap one of those little HD GoPro cameras to the top of the canopy in an F18 as it took off from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island outside of Seattle. With a small size and sticky mount the GoPro easily captures what it's like to be inside the clear cockpit of an F18 (although, they didn't upload it in full HD for some reason).


The most obvious difference between my expectation of how it would look and reality is the visibility. Rather than feeling constrained by the walls of the cockpit, it's almost as if you've got a full 360-degree view of the world. As if there is no canopy.

It's amazing and it probably goes to show why I'm not a fighter pilot. All I'd do is stare at the scenery.

UPDATE: Many of you pointed out this appears to be an E/A 18G Growler, which is an F18 modified for electronic warfare. Additionally, someone found an HD version of the video, which is now included above. Thanks everyone!

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