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Illustration: Ian Galvin

Ever seen the way little kids draw cars? All crazy aerodynamics, wild color schemes and gigantic engines shoved any old place? The world in general would do well to get back to that level of wild imagination. That’s what I love about this, the craziest Mitsubishi Delica van ever conceived, from artist Ian Galvin. Check it out.

But Galvin’s illustration’s are no child’s play—far from it. He says he built . this Delica as a “thought exercise,” which kind of underplays the fact that he “built the model from scratch in 3D to teach [himself] a new program.” Pretty ambitious work, but the rest of his stuff—which includes cars, bikes, robots, spaceships and more—is too.


Galvin says this fictional 1986 Mitsubishi Delica—a mid-engine, 4x4 van that’s now a Radwood favorite since becoming legal in America—packs a “lightly used” Judd 5.5-liter V10 engine and enough aero to make the Pikes Peak Suzuki Escudo look like... well, a regular Suzuki Escudo.

Even better is the throwback, black and yellow Kodak VHS livery at work here. If you’re older than about 25 right now you probably had a house full of those things, as I did, with movies and shows taped off the TV or duped off a rental copy from Blockbuster. (For anyone younger than that, you’re better off without VHS tapes. They were largely a pain in the ass.) I love that it’s a racing livery. That should have happened decades ago.


It needs the Jalopnik Bump somewhere. Other than that I have no suggestions.

Make sure to check out the rest of Ian’s work here, and remember to please be kind and always rewind.


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