It should come as no surprise to you that BMW is cooking up an M8 to accompany the newly returned 8 Series. After all, ///M now colloquially stands for Money, so that’s why we need to ///M all of the things. Here are some preliminary details about it.

There are no specific figures in BMW’s press release, but you can expect the latest M car with minimized weight, a low center of gravity, an even weight distribution and wide tracks. The body will also be rigid and have an M-specific suspension system.


It’ll also use the twin-turbo V8 engine from the current M5, which produces 600 horsepower, but can definitely be kicked up beyond that pretty easily, I’d think. And it’ll put all that down, too, because it’ll have all-wheel drive. You can’t not have AWD with all that power, honestly, unless you are an American automaker and your name rhymes with Modge or Flevrolet.

Of course, since this is already the case with the M5, we can also probably expect a Competition version of the M8. Autocar thinks that it could make up to 650 HP. This is something I guessed at back in June, so I’m glad we agree.


Anyway, the upcoming M8 will be powerful, fast and extremely capable. It’ll look great and probably cost a great deal of money, too.


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