The Upcoming 2021/2022 Formula E Liveries Ranked

The liveries for this year's Formula E grid are out in the wild. But, which team filled the Blank Space the best?

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Formula E cars line up on the starting grid in Berlin
Ahead of Formula E season 8, we’ve ranked this year’s liveries
Photo: Handout / Handout (Getty Images)

The eighth season of the Formula E series is just 59 days away (according to the series’ countdown clock), when it kicks off in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, in the 2022 new year. The new season brings with it sweeping changes to Formula E’s qualifying format, a slightly tweaked racing weekend, like the introduction of “Extra Time” for races, and a host of fresh-faced drivers joining the grid.

But one area that always excites Formula E, or really any race fans ahead of a new season is the reveal of team liveries. And, this year is no exception.


Right now, the 11 teams slated for that upcoming season debut are in Valencia, Spain, taking cars through the paces before race day. While drivers’ put their cars to the test, we here at Jalopnik, are putting their new team liveries to the test. Here’s our definitive ranking of the season eight Formula E liveries.

11. Everything Has Changed - Avalanche Andretti

The two Avalanche Andretti Formula E cars in their red, black and white liveries
Photo: Andretti Autosport

The former BMW i Andretti Motorsport had a standout livery in season 7. But sadly, with the departure of BMW, it appears Andretti has lost its style as well as its title sponsor.

The team is now tied with cryptocurrency brand (Maker? Miner? Snake oil salesperson?) Avalanche. The new title sponsor has seemingly insisted the team revert to the stock Formula E color scheme of red, black and white. Great, bottom of the pack for you, Andretti.


11. Stay Stay Stay - Tag Heuer Porsche

The Porsche Formula E car with its black, white and red livery
Photo: Porsche

In joint last place, you’ll find Porsche’s unchanged livery for season 8. The German team says it has stayed with most of its partners this year, so there was no need to update the livery for the 2021/22 season. How dull.

As such, the Tag Heuer Porsche team will field yet another red, black and white car. So far, that’s two for two when it comes to teams sticking to the stock Formula Es color palette.


11. The Last Time - Mercedes EQ

The silver and black Mercedes EQ Formula E car
Photo: Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team

Also joining Porsche and Andretti in last place is Mercedes EQ, entering the eighth season as its final season in the FE series this year.

Mercedes kicks off this season as reigning driver and constructor world champions. But they’ll line up joint bottom of the leaderboard for best car livery this year. Silver, black and a splash of blue just isn’t exciting anymore. Do better please.


11. Sad Beautiful Tragic - Jaguar TCS Racing

The teal and grey Jaguar Formula E car for 2022
Photo: Handout / Handout (Getty Images)

I’m not sure what’s happening at Jaguar, but for some reason the team seems intent on making its car look worse every year. When the squad entered Formula E, its teal on grey look was great. The swirling lines of color complemented the Formula E car really well.

Now, those lines and accents are replaced with garish blocks and blobs all over the car’s body. There’s so much promise with this color scheme, but the 2022 Jaguar TCS car doesn’t live up to the hype.


11. Nothing New - Nissan E-Dams

The black and red Nissan E-Dams Formula E Car
Photo: Nissan E-Dams

Another at the bottom of the pack is Nissan E-Dams, which took the radical decision to swap its red, black and white car for one that is just red and black. Revolutionary.

The team has hardly been known for great liveries during its time in Formula E, but surely it could pluck some colors from other Nissan race cars throughout history? Even just a splash of blue from Nissan liveries of old would have helped brighten up this year’s paddock.


11. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Envision Racing

The blue and green Envision Racing car
Photo: Envision Racing

Another team that has suffered in style due to the loss of a major sponsor is Envision Racing. After losing Virgin from its name, Envision has also cut any of the company’s red color from its livery.

As a result, the team now sports a fresh blue and green look, which I’m sure it claims will demonstrate its climate-friendly credentials, somehow. It looks fine, but does bear a striking resemblance to Jaguar cars of old proving that there are only two Formula E livery designs.


11. All Too Well - DS Techeetah

The gold and black DS Techeetah Formula E car
Photo: DS Techeetah

Also falling in last place is DS Techeetah, who’s design lends to, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

The former champions are back sporting a black and gold look, which we now all know all too well. The black and gold color scheme of the team is a rusty-colored diamond in a paddock full of red, white and black cars. Unfortunately, it’s an aging look that could have done with a refresh.


11. Starlight - NIO 333

The grey, teal and red Nio 333 Formula E car
Photo: Nio 333

You might think this is last year’s Jaguar, but it is in fact the new look for Nio 333. The latest effort from the Chinese team is fine, as it becomes the latest team to pick the green and grey color scheme in 2021/22.

I have to ask, when there’s a spectrum of colors and designs out there, why elect for something so similar to a livery we’ve all seen before? I’ll ask again, please do better Formula E!


11. Holy Ground - Dragon / Penske Autosport

The red and white Dragon / Penske Formula E car
Photo: Francois Nel / Staff (Getty Images)

Despite welcoming new driver Antonio Giovinazzi to the fold this year, Dragon / Penske has stuck to its 2021 look ahead of season eight. Yawn.

It’s another red and white car for the team, which brings my tally of red cars this year up to five – and we’re not even at the end of the list yet (it does end, I promise).


Sure, it’s nice to have the contrasting chrome red and matte white, but why is every Formula E car either red or green? What I wouldn’t give for an orange or purple Formula E car this year.

11. Red - Mahindra Racing

The red Mahindra Racing Formula E car
Photo: Mahindra Racing

Bringing up the back of the field is Mahindra with, you guessed it, another red car! The big difference the team made this year, though, was to paint over the white patches in red. I guess this answers the question, “what would a Ferrari Formula E car look like?”

I will award bonus points to Mahindra for its sparkly silver detailing at the back, which I hope twinkles under the lights when Formula E hosts its next indoor race in London.


1. Begin Again - Rokit Venturi

The all-black Rokit Venturi Formula E car
Photo: Rokit Venturi Racing

When the Gen 2 car was first unveiled, it looked like a brightly-colored, race-ready Batmobile. Now, thanks to Rokit Venturi’s design team, the Gen 2 car has completed its transformation into a superhero’s supercar for its final season of racing.

Gone is the team’s black and white look of old, replaced by a matte black paint scheme. It’s further dressed up with flourishes of bare carbon fiber, and the car’s only colored accents come from the pride flags displayed on the halo. Nice.


Imagine an all-black race car being the only standout on an 11-car grid? When we get the new cars in season nine, please can all the teams do better? Please.