The Ultimate Housemate Car Prank: Project Pimp Brian's Ride!

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When your housemate goes away to Europe for a couple weeks and puts his beater Civic in one of your parking spots without leaving the keys... well, that means you need to make him pay. Some folks would have been content to fill the Honda's door handles with Vaseline, or maybe even put a dead fish in the glovebox, but the Merkur-mad maniacs from Team Turbo Schnitzel don't do things halfway. They hotwired the offending car and proceeded to paint it purple and outfit it with the finest accessories Manny, Moe, and Jack have to offer. Welcome home, Brian!! [Flickr]


@weconway: Pretty damn sophisticated prank actually. I'm impressed.

One of our coworkers had a bad hotel experience and called our secretary (who booked the room) and left a whiny, complaining, immature voice mail - 3 days after he got there.

It smells bad, it's yellow and cavelike, the Internet doesn't work, they are paving the parking lot, the bed's too hard, he just went on and on. At one point he actually said that he hoped she enjoyed sleeping in her house that didn't smell like dog piss that night and he was going to nominate her for employee of the year.

It wouldn't have been so bad but he's one of those macho type guys with stories of living with gypsies in Europe and other BS rugged living and travel escapades. Now the carpet isn't cushy enough for him, apparently. Sure, whatever.

We recorded the voice clip off of the voice mail and made it into a mp3 (and played it for almost anybody that came through). Then I overdubbed it with Eric Carmen's "All by myself" for a remix.

Then I found the loneliest images I could scavenge and put them in a slideshow with the remix running for background sound. Pictures of vultures in one tree in a desert and night streetlight scenes of one shadowy figure walking alone, that sort of thing. Gratuitous shot of a cave of course.

We went shopping and got him a gift basket. We put antiseptic wipes, rubber gloves, air freshener, nose drops, tissues, coloring book/crayons, and a sympathy card in it (about how we, as his friends, would be there in his time of need). We had representatives from other departments sign the card too and we left the whole thing on his desk. With a hard copy of the presentation.

I really don't think he appreciated the level of effort that went into it.