The TSA Whacked This Texas Congressman In The Nuts

U.S. Transportation Security officials have often been criticized for their handling of airline passengers in security lines all over the country, but one agent may have crossed the line when he hit Rep. Francisco Canseco (R-Texas) in the balls.


That's what the security camera video allegedly shows, and that's what the freshman congressman said happened, but the incident begs the question, would he be willing to cry wolf in order to score sympathy points with TSA-hating voters?


If you watch the video it also inspired a more interesting question: Just how low do Congressman Canseco's testicles go?

Photo credit: KENS 5 San Antonio

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My response is two fold. I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I am constantly on the road, and catching flights is a weekly routine for me. I have a system down, and I think anyone who can't clear a TSA line in 5 minutes by the time you have reached the conveyor is a moron. That said:

1. The TSA should seize to exist. Instead, a new screening agency should be formed from the ground up, and the military should get involved. Here's why: We will be having extra military on hand, now that the troops are being sent home from Iraq and soon Afghanistan, we will have the manpower to form such group. Some are also specially trained as counter-terrorism experts. Also, with military presence, toting M16s, I doubt very few people will fuck around. Make it strict, but professional. Get the word out, so there are no surprises for anyone who needs to fly. Once again, look at how the Israelis handle airport security. That's about as perfect of a model as you can get.

2. Since the TSA will likely stick around for awhile, just comply with the rules. You want to act up, do so at your own time, the rest of us have flights to catch. Airline websites and the TSA website all highlight the rules for going through security. It should not be a surprise to you when you have to take off your shoes or take your liquids out for inspection. Yet I see people act surprised all the time. Look, I don't like them any more than you do, but for the most part, TSA agents are worker bees, and are doing what they're told. They have the power to make your life a living hell, so why provoke them. And remember, when you decide to act up, you're dragging the rest of us down. So don't be that asshole.