The TSA Is Hellbent On Making Flying A Major Headache

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Ever stand next to someone in an airport security line who takes five minutes looking for all the stuff they need to take out of their bags and put in bins before finally moving down the line? Well, get ready for way more of that since the lovely Transportation Security Administration announced they’ll now require separate screening for electronics “larger than a cell phone.”

The agency first “successfully” piloted the policy on domestic flights in 10 airports, and will now begin expanding the measures during the months ahead. The policy doesn’t apply to travelers part of TSA PreCheck, a program that lets you speed through lines for five years if you pay a fee and get a background check.

TSA recently imposed a ban on large electronics on flights from eight Muslim-majority countries, though later lifted the ban in favor of tighter restrictions for travelers to the U.S. from 280 airports in 105 countries, USA Today reported.


The TSA has come under fire in the past for being laughably bad at their jobs: in 2015, Homeland Security found TSA failed 95 percent of airport security tests and allowed undercover agents to smuggle mock bombs and banned weapons.

Since Trump took office, however, TSA cracked down on inspecting passengers. They also introduced a more invasive physical inspection, and implemented three-dimensional scanners for carry-on bags in airports in Phoenix and Boston.

There’s no saying how the electronic screening will work, but fliers should expect to stand in line longer.