The Best Truck You Can Buy To Actually Go Off-Roading

A loaded new Range Rover, if you check all the boxes, will run you well over $100,000. It’s also one of the most off-road capable vehicles in existence. But is the person who buys that SUV really going to take it off-road?

No. No they are not. The roughest terrain that Range Rover might see is the Neiman Marcus parking lot at the mall that used to be the nice mall before the nicer mall was built. Maybe.


The good news is that if you actually want to crawl some rocks and get off the grid for a bit, you have many, many options. Those options are what we are discussing on our latest episode of What Car Should You Buy?, currently the third-highest rated soap opera in Paraguay. I’m not sure they know what it really is, but I’ll take it.

Check out our in-depth discussion and let us know which truck or SUV you’d buy if going off the beaten path is on your agenda.

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