The Traburg Is On An East German Mission From God

When it comes to the question of tuning communist cars, creativity quickly becomes the most important quality of the engineering team. Even it that only consists of a few buddies with hammers and beers in their hands. Sure, you can always bring a classic Lada's engine up to 160+ horses with a limited slip differential and a lightened and strengthened chassis to get yourself a serious rally car. But what if you can only afford a Trabant?


That car is so basic that anything you remove will most likely weaken the structure itself, and you can't really expect to get much more out of a 594 cc two-stroke either. But since 26 horses won't do the job, what you need is the engine from the other East German car. And an Offspring cassette, naturally.

The Wartburg 353's 992 cc three-cylinder had 50 horses as standard, but with a different carburettor and a few other tweaks, it could produce more than 70. Jam that into a Trabant, and you get at least 50% more power from the east side.


You can call it the Warbant as well. Because racecar.

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Forgive my lack of knowing, but all I know of the Trabant is that it's East German made and has a weak 2-cyl, 2-stroke engine in it.

Has anyone thought of putting a Harley v-twin motor in one of these? At least you'd get 80hp. Go with an S&S built v-twin and you can get to 100hp easily on a single carb.

Just curious.