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The 2020 Toyota Supra configurator is up! What was a slow summer Monday is now a JDM-filled dreamscape. How will you build yours? How expensive can we make them off the lot? Let’s find out.

Personally, I see no reason to opt for the Launch Edition, as I think it’s for fanboys and idealists. Plus, it’s only offered in black, white and red. Boring. I do like heated seats, though, so it’s the Premium trim for me. In Nitro Yellow for $395, please. Because why not?


And with a black leather interior as standard on all three trims (including the base), I’m going to need to bring a towel with me to sit on if I leave it in the sun for too long. We’re all aware of the agony of skin hitting a hot, black leather seat in the summer.

And I do like the look of the carbon fiber mirror caps. They’re a small detail, but I think they change the way a car looks head-on. They’re $925, though, which is a lot. Maybe if I hold off for now, I can get aftermarket ones for way cheaper. It’s not like we’re going for real weight savings here.

The rest of the Supra’s options are pretty thin, which is admittedly nice. There’s only one engine option, so the rest has to do with stuff like cargo mats, first aid kits and paint protection films.


I kind of feel like this is the way you should be able to customize a sports car. I mean, I’d love a manual transmission here, but we can’t win them all. What we do get is a sports car that doesn’t overwhelm you with options because you’re meant to drive it, not live out of it in extremely luxury.

My Pikachu-Supra came out to a total of $56,240. With the paint and the black detailing and the red brake calipers, it’s basically the same thing. It’s a bit pricey for a Toyota with very few options, but it’s also the Supra. There was bound to be some premium charging here.


My runner-up color is Downshift Blue, but I’ve been on a yellow car-kick lately. What do your Supras look like?


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